Was a Dog or Was He?

My friend Kevin Schwartz showed Miss Congeniality a little luv on his blog: www.wasadog.blogspot.com.

Kevin is a tennis player.  Quite a good one as far as I can tell.  I have never played against him, but I am pretty sure that he would beat my #@$% all over the court.

He is in his second tour of duty at The Daily Tar Heel (www.dailytarheel.com) on the campus of UNC at Chapel Hill.  The job suits him.  He’s great with the student journalists; the DTH is a fierce competitor in its market, and the paper has been historically the launching pad of many a great journalist.

Kevin carries the torch well….for a dog.

I am not kidding.  One of Kevin’s ex-wives firmly believes that he was a dog in a previous life. 

He must have been a bad dog to have come back as a human, for all dog lovers know that humans are far inferior to canines.

One of Kevin’s students suggested that his readers send in pictures of the dogs they think he was.



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