“Box” is a Verb

If you see bright blue lights flashing in your rearview mirror, do you think “Yay!  My life is about to change for the better?”

Oh yeah….I didn’t think so.

 But the opportunity to have a positive influence on young people is precisely the reason Theresa Scott got into police work.

She thought she would do that through service in the Marines, but knee problems forced a medical discharge.  Now she focuses her efforts on the mean streets ofSoutheast Raleigh, and in the boxing ring too.

Theresa holds a number five ranking in U.S.A. Boxing among women in the 132-lb. division.

 Who could know?  She’s a little over 5’3”, a petite, strawberry blonde with a friendly smile. 

She does sport some fearsome tattoos, and she wears a healthy dose of attitude on her sleeve.

 I reported on her in the North Raleigh News on April 27. www.northraleighnews.com

Theresa lives for boxing. It helps her get rid of aggression and relieve stress.

She smiles a sweet smile and delivers her “punch” line:  “If I don’t box for a week, you don’t want to be around me. ”

She doesn’t have to say that twice.

Theresa’s hoping to go pro as soon as she gets enough matches under her belt.  Trouble is, she has a hard time finding other women her size to box.

I  know what you’re thinking, and no no no no no no no no no no. 

I will not be waiting in the wings to box Theresa, although boxing is one of the best workouts ever, and the local boxing gym, called NBS, is really cool.  It is in an aluminum warehouse in one of the local industrial districts.  The inside looks like it could belong on the set of “Rocky.”


Hey – It just so happens that my membership at the Peak Fitness Center is about to expire.  I am playing the gym dating game, searching for a new relationship.

Hmmmm….would it be a match?  Or a TKO?

  theresa-boxing-for-blog.jpgTheresa is boxing on the right.  Check out the large tattoo on her shoulder.  I will never be seen in an outfit like this unless it is Halloween or I take up roller blading.

Tomorrow: Wardrobe Malfunctions:  A Spectator Sport?


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