And They’re Off! Yapping All The Way: Chihuahuas Live Their Glory Days

Derby Month is not just for horses any more. 

All over the country, Chihuahuas are racing for glory and the chance to be the fastest Chihuahua in America.   Oh, and they dress up too.  Imagine 300 Chihuahuas in one place at the same time, dressed up in tiny costumes.Call Alfred Hitchcock!  Where’s Stephen King? Here’s the scoop, according to the San Jose Mercury News: 

 “For the third year in a row, the national search is on for the Chihuahua that can run the fastest down a 35-foot track or one-eighteenth furlong, as they say in the racing world.”  

Palm Beach, Chicago, San Francisco and parts in between celebrated Derby Day, and Cinco de Mayo by hosting Chihuahua racing trials.  The regional winners will travel to San Diego for the national championship.  Check it out and get a laugh right here!

The winning time for last year’s champion – Tiger, of Southern California – was 3.3 seconds. 

His proud owner, Cathy Smith reports that he’s competing again this year to defend his title. 

At the 2006 finals, “he was the only one that came straight down the track,” Smith told the Mercury News. “About three crashed into each other. They got confused.” 

Some folks – and dogs –  have all the fun.


 Wobbles shows off her trophy after finishing in second place in the Palm Beach race on May 5.  Her owner “Brygida” took the picture


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