Uggh…..Runner’s Block

Teri’s top 10 excuses for not running on Monday, May 21, 2007 

10:     All of my cute running clothes are dirty and I can’t be seen running in rags

9:       It’s still pollinating outside, and it’s just too hard to rud whed your node id sdoppt ub add you cad brede

8:       Last weekend, I ran a special “timed mile” a minute faster than I thought I could and I should just rest on my laurels and quit while I’m ahead (at least for today)

7:       If I go out and start running the endorphins will kick in and I’ll just keep on going forever a la Forrest Gump.

6:       I am just coming off a socially demanding weekend, and am still sloshing

5:       I don’t have time to run. I need to update my blog about running

4:       I must take out trash, do laundry, wash windows, replace my dishwasher, repair the roof and build a new deck

3:       Oh…I think there is a Little House on the Prairie marathon on television tonight

2:       I need to save my energy for going out later in the week

And the Number 1 excuse for not running on Monday:

There’s no excuse….so I did a three-miler, reluctantly, with heavy feet


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