Dear Serena – Your Position in Women’s Tennis is Safe

Dear Serena:                                                                                                       frenchopenserenawilliams_226556.jpg

Just a note to let you know that the Women’s Tennis Association has ranked you  9th in the world, and your position is safe from me.  I won’t be challenging it.   Also, pass along to your sister that her fastest recorded serve this week at 129 mph is a safe record too.  I understand that your top service speed was 127. 

Well, no worries from me.  I doubt that I can top that. I

 have been taking tennis lessons for about three years, and apparently, I have improved greatly.  My coach recently gave me high praise when she told me that when I first started I was TERRIBLE (yes, she said it in all CAPS).  But now she says I am “playing a lot better.”   And you know, going from TERRIBLE to “a lot better” in two years is definitely something to be proud of.  Maybe in another year or two, I’ll graduate to pretty darn good.  I have fallen down on the court only twice since I started playing.  And I have crashed into my partner just once. I have even won a couple of matches. 

My teammates tried to talk me into playing on their 3.5 singles team, even though I generously rated myself at 2.5, and as you know, that is not the lowest rating – a 2.0 is. 

As you can see, at the rate I am going, my world ranking could very well be Number 9, just like yours. Probably not the Number 9 BEST player in the world, most likely the Number 9 worst, which is much better than being Number 1 on that scale.   

I am still improving though, and maybe, just maybe, if I live long enough (to be the oldest tennis player in the world at age 150), I just might give you a run for your money. But for now, you’re safe in the rankings.  

Good luck in the French Open (tell Venus I’m sorry she lost).  I’ll be pulling for you. 


Teri Saylor 

Cc: Venus 


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