A To-Do List of Dreams

Just with all of the “get rid of stress” gurus are advising us to burn our lists of things to do, a fun list of “Things to do while you’re alive” has appeared in a Visa ad on the back of a recent issue of Tennis Magazine.  It’s a motivational little list, which just might inspire you to dream big and even begin checking some things off. 


 See a Broadway show, front row center (I saw a Broadway show, second row center.  It was opening night for Kiss Me Kate in 2000)

Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby (I have enjoyed a mint julep and have visited Churchill Downs, but have only enjoyed a julep while watching the Derby on TV)

Build a house (Check that one off – I had mine built in the mid-90s and it’s still miraculously standing)

Perfect a foreign accent (Does Southern count?)

Invent something (I tried to invent a tennis move – hitting a backhand while standing on my left foot with my right foot held high in the air – it’s not patented yet)

Save a life (I once saved a neighbor’s dog from drowning)

See the cherry blossoms in DC (They’re lovely)

Complete a triathlon (Not yet, but it’s next on the list – I signed up for training today)

Stand on the equator  (No but I’ve stood on the Mason-Dixon – the equator of the South)

Visit all 50 states (I’m up to 30 and counting)

Play Pinehurst No. 2 (I have played ON Pinehurst No. 2 – but it wasn’t golf) 

MY VISA EXPERIENCES OF A LIFETIME STILL PENDING LISTCelebrate Carnival in Rio – Visit the Taj Mahal – Attempt to break a world record – Climb Mount Everest – Learn to survive in the wilderness – Ride a boat through a fjord – Become financially independent – Watch a meteor shower – Tour the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a personal guide – See the NFL draft live 


Five Bruce Springsteen Concerts – Whalewatching from a little raft in the Pacific Ocean off Vancouver Island, BC – Weeklong island hopping sail through the British Virgin Islands – Completing the New York City Marathon – Climbing up the Diamond Head volcano in Hawaii – Reporting for a local newspaper from the links at Men’s and Women’s Championship Golf Tournaments at Pinehurst and at Mid-Pines – Attending a presidential debate – A casual conversation with President Bill Clinton – A little smooch from Triple Crown Horse Race Winner Seattle Slew (see May 10 posting)

Share some of yours!


My running buddy Kym and me…with the FINISH LINE of the NYC Marathon in the background


2 thoughts on “A To-Do List of Dreams

  1. and look how great her hair looked at the finish too. Now THAT is an accomplishment not everyone can achieve (see my hair!). Kym

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