I’m Baaack

teri-simpson.jpgteri-simpson.jpgteri-simpson.jpgteri-simpson.jpgOh man — it’s been a long time, and a heavy month.  Workload out of control, illness in the family and a triathlon in the making.

 Let’s see. Where did we leave off?

Oh yes….my two two goals in sports — not finishing last in running or falling down in tennis.  The new triathlon venture serves up a couple of new sports goals:  to not drown during the swimming portion and to not crash on my bike.

 Hey! Check it out.  Here’s a new member of the Simpsons:  Meet Teri Simpson, Homer’s long lost love child.” — Hehe!  Simpsonized!  D’oh!

teri-simpson.jpgAnyone can join the Simpson clan. Visit www.simpsonizeme.com !  Have fun!


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