O.K. Just Google Naked and Find Miss C.

So this is what it has all come to (with apologies to author Tom Wolfe for borrowing some exclamation marks)!

Naked sensationalism!

 Wardrobe malfunctioned debauchery!

 The blog server where these dispatches are posted has some barebones administrative tools.  I can see how many times the blog has been visited.  There are lists of other blogs that readers have visited to link to ” Miss Congeniality.”

 There is also an area that lists keywords that readers have searched on to link to this blog, and most of them have left me wondering.  Here are the two most recent examples:

“Wardrobe malfunctions in sports”

“NAKED SWIMMING” (just like that, in all caps)


Does this  blog have no redeeming value?

If not, YAY!  It’s not supposed to.

Okay, I’ll fess up.  As an experiment, I Googled on those terms just to see for myself, and Miss Congeniality popped right up!

A little wierd, but who cares! 

Readers are readers, and no matter how they reach the site, I’ll take ’em. 

Hmmmm……Naughty words can be the bread crumbs that lead readers to this blog….





See you soon!


One thought on “O.K. Just Google Naked and Find Miss C.

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