Getting the New Year Off to a Underachieving Start

Here’s one for the underachiever’s Hall of Fame….and shame.

In an effort to get the new year off to a healthy and runnin’ start, I attempted a 5K run January 1, 2008 at 9 a.m.

 And Failed! 

For the first time ever, I didn’t finish a race.   It was the NC Roadrunners Club’s 2008 Resolution Run, designed to kick off the new year and help us keep our new year’s resolution to exercise more for at least one day.  And it is great incentive to stay relatively alcohol-free on New Year’s Eve.   

The morning of, I woke up feeling tired but okay, but after about 10 minutes of running, I started feeling ill.  Fortunately, the event was a loop that circled out for a couple of miles and doubled back past the start/finish line, up a hill, around a bend and back down the hill to finish the race. 

Man oh man, after about two miles, I was LIVING for a portapotty, and the sight of them lined up at the start / finish line was a beautiful sight, not to mention a handy detour. Ugh… It happens to everyone, but you really hate it, and what a way to start off the new year. 

New resolution:  Finish all races in 2008.


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