Lookin’ for Love or at Least a Little Somethin’ at the Truckstop

Getta load of this.  Another offbeat place to meet men.  A truckstop.  Yikes!  Why didn’t I think of that (see post below).  This question appeared in an advice bulletin board.  I am not making this up (but I suspect the person who penned this query is – I mean REALLY).  Here it is:

“I have not been asked out in about 16 years. (minus online dating). I want to meet a nice man naturally. What about truck stops or diner cafes located off interstate highways? Any single men on the road might want some company? Or, do they want to eat and be left alone? Should I get dressed up and go inside one? What do you think?” 

The answer on the thread seemed sincere:

Yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus….

No really – here it is and obviously the responder thought this through carefully:

“bad idea. do you really think you’ll have much in common with a truck driver? most of them will probably be attached & will pretend to be single & as they are on the road all the time what kind of a boyfriend will that make? and if they met you at a truckstop then that means they will pick up another chick at the next truck stop if given the chance so aren’t likely to be the faithful type. been quite a few serial killers that were truckies too so bear that in mind also! and rapists! they may also mistake you for a prostitute if you go in there “all dressed up”. why don’t you just join a singles group?

Truck Stop Girl

(The Byrds – Written by Lowell George and Bill Payne)
Tailights flickerin’, as he pulled up to a truckstop
The same old crowd was hangin’ out again tonight
He said, Fill up my tank while I go check my load
It feels like it’s shifting all around
He was the kind of man, do all he could
Above all he had integrity
But he was so young
And on a ten city run
In love with a truck stop girl



2 thoughts on “Lookin’ for Love or at Least a Little Somethin’ at the Truckstop

  1. I can’t help but hear the song by Journey–“Don’t stop believing.” But a truck stop? I keep seeing Ed O’Neil from the movie “Dutch,” saying: “Nothing burps like bacon.” Can you say transient?
    Then again, there are all those women who find prisons an ideal meat market. At least they know their “man” will be there the next time they visit.

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