No Junk Food: Video Snack was Healthy Fare


Last week this Miss Congeniality blog was part of a group of Raleigh bloggers and WNCN bloggers who participated in a town hall meeting presented in streaming video and delivered through WNCN Community Content Manager Will Wayne Sutton’s blog.

The last time I was in front of a camera it was as a volunteer at a telethon for the Make-A-Wish Foundation a long time ago.  I had gone to a Christmas party the night before and had a really really really good time.  I felt TERRIBLE the next day!  The telethon organizers put me on the phones at the celebrities’ desk, and my worst nightmare came true.  I was on television, even interviewed, the entire afternoon.  During the course of the event, someone called in on one of the lines and asked to deliver the following message:  “Tell Teri Saylor to go home and get some rest!”  Oh yeah.  I looked as bad as I felt.

I was a little nervous coming into the studio, but a big hangover in front of television cameras will teach you a lesson you never forget.  This experience was much better.  Fun, even.

While blogging’s been around a few years, it’s still a form of expression that is still in its formative stages.  Social Media, which is what this is coming to, reminds me of the sun coming up.  It has broken the horizon now, and many people are starting to notice it. 

The conversation was orchestrated by Wayne Sutton, a community content manager with WNCN.  

He writes a blog called Local Conversations. Our little group talked about blogging and how writing about where we live is a way to build communities for people who wish for connectivity. The best part for me was meeting the bloggers.   

Local bloggers:
David Millsaps – New Raleigh Blog –
Jason Peck – North Hills Buzz –

NBC17 community bloggers:
Ginny Skalski – Ginny from the blog –
Doug Sutton – Raleigh Native Review –
Wayne Sutton – Local Conversations –

It was called a video snack because it was aired at lunchtime.  This was a first for the station, and we had some tech challenges.  You can chew on the snack by clicking on the link below.

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One thought on “No Junk Food: Video Snack was Healthy Fare

  1. Teri, You definitely made up for your previous bad camera experience last week b/c you looked great and I liked your comments. And I think it’s cool that us print reporters are turning to a different type of media!

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