Stealing Girl Scout Cookie Money is the Worst!


Okay.  What’s up with stealing from Girl Scouts selling cookies?   

Recent headlines:

 “Couple uses fake $100 bill to rip off Girl Scouts selling cookies.

“Teens unremorseful after stealing from Girl Scout”


How could anyone steal Girl Scout cookie money?  

The little girls are so cute in their Brownie uniforms.   And what salesmanship! 

They describe the cookies as if they were  coolest things to burst onto the marketplace, explaining that Thin Mints are their top seller even though Thin Mints are probably older than their own mothers! 

So Cute! 

 I used to sell Girl Scout cookies door-to-door, wearing my own Brownie uniform, complete with the beanie. The beanie and sash were the best parts of the whole uniform, especially if you had a lot of badges on the sash. The best day was the day the cookies arrived and we made our deliveries. 

Today, it’s probably too dangerous to go door-to-door selling the cookies, and thank goodness local groceries and Walmarts allow the Girl Scouts to set up shop in their doorways.  While it may be safe for the girls, it is apparently not so for their money.  And thank goodness for good Samaritans who have made donations to repay these enterprising young salespeople in their brown  and green uniforms.girl-scouts.jpg




One thought on “Stealing Girl Scout Cookie Money is the Worst!

  1. It looks as though that first couple hit the trifecta–politcally, morally and criminally incorrect. If karma actually works, hopefully they’ll eat all the cookies they bought with that fake bill and contract diabetes.
    For those unrepentant teens, they probably needed the money for charm school.

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