We All Need Our Own Action Hero

Call it action hero envy, I just don’t know.  

But when my running buddy, Luis, showed up at the Myrtle Beach Marathon with his very own action figure, my other running buddy, Esther, and I decided we just HAD to have action figures too. 

Meet: Action Luis, Action Esther and Action Teri. 

action-luis-cropped-and-sized.jpg        action_esther-cropped-and-resized.jpg     action-teri-cropped-and-resized.jpg

By way of explanation:  My running group has more than 300 people in it.  We run at all levels, from snail’s pace to turbo charged.  Luis is turbo charged.  His pace group is called “The Beasts,” and they are all Boston Marathon qualifiers. 

Luis recently decided to make a career change, and the co-workers at his old job conspired to get him Action Luis as a going away present.  They fashioned it with Luis’ hairstyle and drew on a little bit of chest hair and even his tattoos. 

So Esther and I shopped for our very own action heroes.  She found our alter-egos at Walmart.  And with a few snips of the scissors and new hairdos, we managed to make them look like us. 

Of course! 

We all need our own action figures. They make us feel strong and enduring.  And when we feel weak and shriveled up, they stand up straight, and are steadfastly cheerful. 

Well, their knees don’t bend, and their smiles are painted on. 

Action Esther and Action Teri have not been revealed in public yet: Big Surprise Coming! 

Watch for their future adventures.  


3 thoughts on “We All Need Our Own Action Hero

  1. Action Esther has gone awol in Los Angeles. I hope I can find her (and all in one piece) before I head back to Raleigh. She was planning on a photo shoot in Hollywood so she could impress Action Luis.

  2. No fair! I want an action figure. Of course mine would have to be mostly bald, slightly overweight and with kung-fu grip. Do they come with bifocals, too? Accessories; it’s all in the accessories.
    I hope some day you get to mass market Action Teri. Congrats!!

  3. Action Luis cannot wait to meet Action Teri and Action Esther. He is going to the run at Ridge Rd on Saturday. Interested?

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