When Pilates is a Contact Sport

Never underestimate the rolling power of an exercise ball.

Pilates, every Thursday at my friend Robyn’s office, provides a welcome lunchtime break as the end of the week approaches.  Of course, while we are in the middle of our Pilates torture sessions – errr — workouts, we wonder what we are doing there, but our tummies and bottoms suffer in unison, and we bond through our shared pain.  But when that 45- minute session ends, we feel so good.

The balls are just part of an arsenal of toys our dominatrix…errr INSTRUCTOR inflicts on us to tone our torsos and any other body parts that happen to get involved in the routine.

Of course, the idea is to USE the exercise balls so we won’t LOOK like one. 

Think Humpty Dumpty.

So there were the four of us, and our exercise balls in a small, empty office, struggling to maintain control as they took on a life of their own, rolling around, crashing into each other like those bumper car rides at the fair.

Pilates, a.k.a. demolition derby.

As challenging as it is to get on the ball, it’s even harder to dismount, and out of control rolling happened, which fueled out of control laughing, during which more out of control rolling ensued, and … well, you get the picture….but in case you don’t….. 


Laughter on the ball is the best of workout ever.


One thought on “When Pilates is a Contact Sport

  1. Teri, I learned a lot today! I have heard about it on TV, read it in the newspaper, and heard friends mention it…but I really never knew what “Pilates” was. Now I do. All I assumed was that it was some kind of exercise program.
    Your blog was so funny, from beginning to end! 🙂 I smiled all the way through…
    I had assumed that pilates was an individual workout, not a contact sport…
    Your expressive writing placed me right in that office with you all.
    I shall never forget the photo…nor pilates…

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