Why I Train: It’s Child’s Play-Really

I suspect that my hanging-out buddies think I am a tad bit obsessive about training.  Oh brother.  Let’s set the record straight right here and now.

First, I am not one to train very hard.  I mean a girl has to have limits, right? 

Next, I am a fair weather trainer.  No cold yucky rain for me, unless it is race day or close to it.

I know I am never going to actually win a marathon, so I just go for the ones that are fun. 

To put my regimen in perspective, training is just like going outside to play when I was a kid.   I still like to play outside with my friends.  We ride our bikes. We run. We go swimming.

The big difference is: Now “going out to play with my friends” is “TRAINING.”

So here’s why I train: 

I have good friends to share the “hurt locker.”



We spread the love.


We practice Yoga with the Easter Bunny. 


Training means running in the New York City Marathon with friends  


… and  Crossing the finish line together. 


In training we also practice laughing a lot. 


It’s surprising to find out what we look like clean, sweet-smelling, and in clothes. How can you spend hours and hours each week playing with your friends and then you don’t even recognize each other in the mall?


Training with friends: There’s strength in numbers and always somebody to go out to play with. 



One thought on “Why I Train: It’s Child’s Play-Really

  1. I know what you mean about training. Years ago I used to compete nationally in NASKA triple A Karate tournaments. Let’s just say I loved training, the camaraderie of the people from my “dojo,” but I hated competing. It was being around my friends that made the difference. I continue to train now, but in a much less competitive environment. The gym has far more variety of things to do, such as kickboxing and body combat classes. The emphasis is on exercise; getting a good workout, not trying to kick in someone’s cranium. Last week, I tried a jump kick. I should know better. But once the endorphins are kicking in, I feel as though I’m still in my 20s, and that was 30 years ago. Liftoff from the floor went fine. But my poor abused right knee gave out on the re-entry and I went down in a heap. I injured it two years ago and the inside ligament just never healed right. It’s mostly there for show now. Not much support on that side, which is why I need to avoid jumping all the time. So I switched to a spinning class this week after the swelling went down. One of my gym’s kickboxing instructors was teaching it. She gave up on teaching kickboxing because of the number of injuries she was getting, and because she ran out of ideas to motivate the class. Toward the end of the spinning class, she came by and asked if I thought the class was what I thought it would be. It was my first spinning class. My shirt was soaked through with sweat and my eyes were stinging from the salt. I said no. She smiled and asked if I thought it was going to be as easy as the kickboxing classes she used to teach. Even with ragged breath, I was able to quip that I thought we’d be sitting around on our bikes, smoking cigarettes and drinking beer the whole class. She did laugh. My knee held up remarkably well. I think next time I won’t do 20 minutes on the lifecycle before spinning class. Who knows, maybe in another week or so I can go back to the body combat class. I just have to refrain from leaping through the air. Kicking is OK, as long as one leg stays firmly planted on the ground. So much for my hopes of becoming a ballet dancer. Yeah, right.

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