Crazy Cat Lady?

How to tell if you are a crazy cat lady


Is this a familiar sight?


On the occasion you lie about your age, you realize your new age is too young to have such an old cat, so you find yourself lying about your cat’s age too.


You feel guilty about having several cats and you hide evidence of them, and are afraid to confess when you adopt a new one, and lie to your friends and loved ones about just how many cats you have, hoping no one notices


When your family and friends see you, the first thing they ask is NOT hello, how are you? But they say hello, how many cats do you have?

You are out on a date describing your pet cats, and instead of asking  your date doesn’t ask suspiciously “so how many cats do you have” you think he just might be “the one.”



This is a familiar scene:


This story is your reality check:

Woman Cares for 114 Cats in her Condo

Now, how many cats do you have?



One thought on “Crazy Cat Lady?

  1. Wow. I thought that was a new fashion. The hanging cat look. And boy would PETA be angry. Because of my allergies, I wouldn’t even be able to get close to cat lady. It’s ingrained in my bachelor gene.

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