A New Camera


Okay, so I got this new camera.



  It’s a Canon Rebel XSi – 12.2 megapixels which is fine for magazine quality photography.   I also got a 200 mm telephoto lens with a fast f2.8 shutter speed for shooting action shots.  The better action photo lens would be a 70-200 millimeter lens with an f2.8 shutter speed.  The difference between this lens and the one I bought is about $800 and a flexible shooting range. The simple 200 mm lens only takes pictures of things far away. 




Of course you have to take your practice shots when you can get them.   My cats have post traumatic stress disorder from having a camera follow them everywhere.  Soon they’ll be riding in limos without wearing their panties, speaking in tongues and will eventually need rehab.












You think Britney had it bad.   I’ve hidden the shaving utensils and locked up the liquor cabinet.



Speaking of the paparazzi– Can you find Bill Cowher?




Sometimes you get the shot.   












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