The Streets Were Alive With the Sounds of Gagging on Krispy Kreme Challenge Day




Dogs. Gorillas. People dressed up as doughnuts, and even Elvis The King were willing to run four miles for doughnuts at the largest-ever Krispy Kreme Challenge event last weekend.


My personal score at the end of the run:  Doughnuts in the box: 12 – Doughnuts in my tummy: 0 – Doughnuts in a puddle on the ground: 0 – Doughnuts shared later with office mates: 11

The day speaks for itself. 


Roo will wear a tee shirt and silly hat for doughnuts!





Seen on the Scene:   Spectator holding sign: “Run Hard! Don’t Puke!

          Response from a runner:”Puke Hard! Don’t Run!”                 



Some Nordic types tried to “row” the whole way.



Less than a mile into it: Abandoned Ship! (“It was just too hard!” one shipmate exclaimed)





Overheard cell phone conversation:

“I tell ya dude. I couldn’t believe it.  Guy finished the race and lit up a cigarette.  He runs; he eats a dozen doughnuts then he fires up a cigarette”


 Alpha Fried Doughboy Fraternity



Guy in a gorilla suit trying to shove his dozen doughnuts under the mouth hole in his mask:  “I don’t know what I was thinking.  I’m miserable. This was a terrible mistake,” he said as he scarfed down another one. 




OMG !  Elvis the undead – surfacing to run for doughnuts.



This guy escaped to Cuppa Joe’s afterwards.  His Krispy Kreme Challenge Score:  Doughnuts still in the box: O – Doughnuts in his tummy: 12 – Doughnuts in a puddle on the floor: Undecided




One thought on “The Streets Were Alive With the Sounds of Gagging on Krispy Kreme Challenge Day

  1. Teri!!

    I was at the KK challenge…and was standing right behind that gorilla in that mulch eating my donuts! I’m sorry I missed seeing you. 🙂 I only ended up eating 3 donuts…they were damn good donuts…until I started back down the road. I have no idea how people did that with 12 donuts in their belly.

    Hope all is well with you!

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