Mercury Rising Makes Bella a Pleased Poodle Puppy

Last winter, Bella, a dainty poodle who lives in Cary was clearly not happy about taking a walk on a frosty winter morning, even though she was quite the fashion plate in her layered look: A soft pink lined jacket over a fuschia sweater, all of which matched the cute pink ribbon in her hair and her lovely pink leash.  She was hardly in the mood to walk the red carpet, however.


 No, I am not pleased, thank you very much.  I know I look terribly chic in my sweater and coat with matching hair ribbon and leash, but REALLY!  It’s 37 degrees out here and I would rather be in bed eating doggy bon bons.  I am cold and want to go home.

Now it is spring, and it feels like summer, perfect poodle weather, and Bella is more than pleased and happy on her walk.


Ahhh…I feel sooooo much better. The temperature is 80 now, much more civilized for taking a morning stroll.  Don’t get me wrong. I love my trendy outfit, but being naked on a warm day is much nicer.


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