We Are Always Hungry At The Fair

Fair workers sell  cotton candy, candy apples and other Midway delights as the double ferris wheel looms large in the background

Fair workers sell cotton candy, candy apples and other Midway delights as the double ferris wheel looms large in the background

We are always hungry at the fair.

And I wish people would just shut up about the fat and calories packed into the delectable, decadent, dipped-in-batter-and-grease, taste bud-pleasing delights lined up along the midway.

Ripped from the headlines on the Hungry Girl food blog: “The Fat Content in Funnel Cake and Other Fair Scares.”

Oh Puh-leeze!

Spare us the details.  Let us enjoy our fair food in peace.  Ignorance is bliss. Especially at the fair.

Let us chow down on fried turkey legs that are bigger than our heads without having to feel guilty about it.  We already know this little snack contains a week’s worth of calories, and we choose to be in denial about it.  Do we really need a reminder?

It is guilty pleasure enough to consume a whole funnel cake in a single sitting and chase it down with a tall cup of fried Coca Cola.   Do not reveal its contents without first alerting us that TMI is coming so we have time to plug our ears.

A web special on the Delish.com blog features photos and descriptions of 10 top food fads from the fair.

About halfway through the slideshow, where Hot Beef Sundae meets Pizza in a Cone, up pops an ad for Lipitor, the famous cholesterol fighting drug.

I am not making this up!

Talk about adding insult to injury, not to mention ruining a perfectly good daydream about fried twinkies and big wads of cotton candy.   And right on the eve of the NC State Fair, no less.

Bah Humbug.

Here’s an idea for showing ways to enjoy the gastronomic delights of the fair without absorbing the fat and calories. Instead of reminding us that a serving of deep fried butter may cause us our health insurance premiums to go up, why not simply advertise the Double Ferris Wheel or the Zipper?

Carolina Ag Fest 319

Many a fair goer has enjoyed the binge and purge method of chowing down on Fried Twinkies, Foot Long Hot Dogs and Chicken Fried Bacon, only to take a little spin on the Meteorite. Sure enough, a few minutes after landing on solid ground, up comes the food after just barely touching your stomach lining.

Presto, you’re ready to resume your quest to eat your way through the entire fair in between hair-raising, stomach churning rides.

Had a pair of fried frogs legs or two?


Hop on the Sea Ray.

Carolina Ag Fest 218

Downed a Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich doused in honey?


Take a trip on the Vortex and look down. Often. If you can even tell which direction “Down” is.


No need for Lipitor when you’ve got the Twister handy.  And you’ll survive a day at the fair without gaining an ounce.

chicken-fried-bacon-400 twister1b

Heck, you MIGHT even lose a pound or two.


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