Cat Show: Getting Their Claws On

So there was a cat show in town, and I know you think I live in a cat show, so why spend perfectly good money to see more cats?

Pretty Baby

Cats in cat shows are just like cats in our houses. They sleep.

But sometimes they sleep wearing little cowboy hats, probably dreaming of rounding up herds of mice out on the ranch.

After a hard day rounding up the little mouses, Hoss catches a little cat nap

A sleeping cat doesn’t care if he is wearing a silly hat. But stay away. When he wakes up and finds out what a human did to him, he’ll go to great lengths to avenge this humiliation. Which leads to the real reason for going to a cat show.  Cat show people!

Flash! New Years baby runs amok and attacks a woman at a cat show. Cat scratch fever, authorities speculate.

Some cats will wear frilly collars for treats.

Does this collar make my head look fat?

If I get out of this predicament, I will hunt you down and claw your eyes out as punishment, even if it takes 100 years.

Naked and exposed, and all I get is applause.

Are we having fun yet?

Bored and scared at the same time.

Jealous? Don't you wish you could be me? Me me me... But you are not me. Only I can be me and I deserve it.

Is that a toy on your head or are you glad to see me?


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