The View from Sally’s Asylum

The 2010 Umstead 100-mile Endurance Run has come and gone. But the remnants and memories endure.  On one weekend each year, near the first weekend of April (read: April FOOL’s Day), when the full moon shines and illuminates the forest of Umstead Park, people arrive from far and wide, attired in all kinds of get-ups, with support crews, suitcases, supplies, and all sorts of good luck charms, and they proceed to run, walk and even crawl over 100 miles. Up hills, down slopes, through cool weather, heat, sun, dark, and even heat, chasing the elusive dream of covering a century of miles in 24 hours.

Every complete loop goes by Sally’s Asylum, an aid station extraordinaire, proving that asylums are not just for crazy people anymore.

So who in the world would go out into the woods and spend the whole weekend running?

Happy Camper

Disco Man

Trail Blazer

Girl in a Hurry

Tammy: No need to say more

Cruise Photo

Ready for a long hike in the woods

Crowd Support

Girlfriend Support Crew

A hug before the next round

“I can’t talk now; I’m in the middle of a 100-mile endurance race”

Cheeseburger in Paradise

This fellow’s packed for his long journey; Everything but the kitchen sink and the dog.

Jonesin for a sponsorship – really!

Catching some refill action

Dirt Diva: Catra Corbett goes out for more trail

Safari Man

In the witness protection program, she’s disguised as an ultra marathoner

Dude!  Get Down Tonight!

Number 268 – Feelin’ great!

Number 268 – Still Feelin’ Great!

Number 268 – Not So Great!

This guy had about 89 packages of Endurolyte tablets and wanted them all stuffed into the pockets of his shorts…clever way to get a butt massage. Miss Congeniality is happy to oblige.

Tammy in Paradise

Hey Baby!

The whole world’s a ballet stage

Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up

Guido the Duck

We’re all quackers for Guido

Catra loves her some tattoo

She didn’t need a headlamp for night running, as she glows in the dark

Stick a fork in him


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