Trending Thursday: Top 10 ….. er, 11 Tweets for 11-11-11


This day comes just once in a century, so for the 21st Century, here are my Top 10,  er, 11 Tweets on 11-11-11 as seen trending on Twitter:

11. It’s 11-11-11 What are you wishing for?

10. 11-11-11 Comes just once every 100 years. This is probably the first and last one you’ll see. Enjoy it!

9. 11-11-11 A great day to follow up on those goals and dreams you always planned on achieving

8. 11-11-11 I’m scared of tiny spiders, but not the end of the world

7. 11-11-11 Number 11 means incompleteness, disorganization, disintegration. Also lawlessness, disorder !!

6. 11-11-11 Next year we’ll have 12/12/12. Big deal! What would be awesome is if we could have 13/13/13

5. 11-11-11 Did you know that if you add your age and the last two numbers of hte year you were born it equals 11?

4. 11-11-11 1. Wish 1. Purpose 1. Person 1. Heart 1. Feeling 1. Word “YOU”

3. 11-11-11 Who said 1 is the loneliest number? I see a bunch of them up there.

2. 11-11-11 Maybe I’ll fall in love, or win the lottery or get a good deal on a new purse

And my choice for the top tweet trending on Twitter:

1. 11-11-11 Make the day worth remembering!


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