Life in the South is best when driven by

Mobile Homes edited

Mobile Homes

Photo Gallery: Life in the South

Life in the south is best when driven by:

Sweet tea. Screen doors. Kudzu. The Blues. Country ham biscuits. Pimento cheese. Dinner on the grounds. Fried chicken. Deviled eggs. Bless your heart. Open windows in February. Porch sitting. Flip flops. Dogwood blossoms. Magnolia trees. Kinfolk. The Piggly Wiggly. Peach ice cream. Bluegrass and banjo picking. Grits and red eye gravy. Convertibles. Myrtle Beach. That giant peach next to the highway in Gaffney. Snapping turtles. Alligators. A mess of fish. The Bible Belt. Tobacco Road. Y’all. Snap beans. Grape leaf pickles. Chow chow. Tennessee Williams. Harper Lee. Selma. Mobile. Birmingham. Sweet Home Alabama. Southern Comfort. Pulled pork barbecue. Brunswick Stew. Hushpuppies. Roadside produce stands. Dirt track racing. Football. Roll, Tide. Bourbon. Mason jars. Moonshine. The Kentucky Derby. The Oakridge Boys. Dixie Melody Boys. Lord have mercy. Lynyrd Skynyrd. Shrimp and grits. The Redneck Riviera. Mama n’ em. Live oaks. Spanish moss. Savannah. Family secrets. Fields of cotton at sunrise. Butterbeans. Creamed corn. Scuppernong grapes and muscadines. June bugs. Tent revivals. Billy Graham. James Taylor. Pepsi. Nabs. Ceiling fans. Krispy Kremes. Tomato sandwiches. Charleston. Asheville. Memphis. Graceland. Beale Street. W.C. Handy. Returning thanks. Big Daddy. Maggie the cat. The Devil’s Stomping Ground. Pretty is as pretty does. Patsy Cline. Loretta Lynn. The Grand Ol’ Opry. R.C. Cola. Moonpies. Collards. Humidity. Banana pudding. The Mississippi Delta. B.B. King. Sun Records. Goo Goo Clusters. Elvis. Bill Clinton. Jimmy Carter. Peanuts. Cocolas. Chiggers. Lightning bugs. Bottle trees. Buttermilk. Let me hug your neck. The unbroken circle. Autoharps. Maybelle Carter. Sunday preaching. Amazing Grace. Little Rock. Oxford. William Faulkner. Quentin Compson. Thomas Sutpen. Memory. The good Lord. Chapel Hill. Calabash. Bubba. Sissy. Fried Okra. Dr. Pepper. Cheerwine. Dohickeys. Stanley and Stella. New Orleans. Juke joints. Sweet wine. Snipe hunting. Homemade sin. Jack Daniels. Little Zion Missionary Baptist Church. Johnny Cash. Norfolk Southern freight trains. Potluck. Watermelon rind pickles. Charlie Daniels. Pecan pie. Big ol’ trucks. Pompoms. Cypress knees. Pralines. Beignets. Community Coffee. Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn. Margaret Mitchell. Civil rights. Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn. Doc Watson. Earl Scruggs. The Blue Ridge Parkway. Tweetsie Railroad. Over yonder. Piddling. Flannery O’Connor. Truman Capote. Little Rock. Charlotte. Richard Petty. Dale Earnhardt. The graveyard. Corn in a jar. Fried tomatoes. Chicken n’ Dumplins. Fish camps. Youngins. The ocean at dawn. Sea turtles. Beach music. Crawdads. Dogwoods. Seersucker. Atticus Finch. Molasses cookies. Mayberry. Andy, Barney and Aunt Bea. Tomato Pie. Eudora Welty. Shelling peas. Snapping beans. Tobacco barns. Going to ride. Fishing in the sun. Give me some sugar. Southern renaissance. Thomas Wolfe. Gospel. Robert Johnson. Charlie Patton. Biloxi. Indianola. Sliced onions and cucumbers. Charlotte. Mashing buttons. Picking blackberries next to the road. Paper sacks. Possums. Face jugs. Saying grace. Yes ma’am. Free Bird. King Cake. Red clay. Maya Angelou. John Hope Franklin. Clarksdale. Atlanta. Sweet onions. Grandmaw. Grandpaw. Fried tomatoes. Cheese straws. Fried zucchini blossoms. Honeysuckle. Extra syllables. Mint julep. Raising Cain. Pig pickings. Grandpaw. Richmond. Monroeville. The Florabama. Margaritaville. Sweet gardenias. Succotash. A place. Mama and Daddy. Home.


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