teri-for-website.jpg  About me…..My name is Teri Saylor.  I am a lifelong southerner, born and raised in North Carolina. Warm tropical breezes beckon me more than snow. I love outdoor cafes on warm spring days and hot summer nights. Humidity doesn’t bother me at all, even though it does make my hair curly. My greatest failing is my inability to open tricky bottles, boxes, jars and tough packaging.  I NEVER get a road map to fold back just right.  I am a news junkie, a book worm, and a mad scientist with technology.   

I practice freelance writing, photography and consulting through my firm, Open Water Communications.

I enjoy spending time with my pets, hanging out with friends, and gardening.  I like to travel for pleasure, and enjoy taking off on solo jaunts to fun places….although I do admit that it is more fun to travel with companions than all alone.


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