It was fairly early on a recent Saturday morning that I embarked on a chick’s road trip with my friend Ina. 

After settling in for a long drive down to the South Carolina coast, enjoying yet another cup of coffee, I contemplated a little gray squirrel sitting on a fence by the side of the road. 

Suddenly the car jerked sharply to the left, and Ina, spurting apologies, said, “Oh gosh….I am so sorry.  I was distracted by that good lookin’ guy jogging.”

A handsome jogger?


I didn’t see him at all because I was LOOKING AT A SQUIRREL!!!

Such is my life.

This blog is dedicated to us. 

 Not the MVP, but the Good Sportsmanship Champion. 

Not the homecoming queen, but the team mascot.  

Not the beauty queen, but Miss Congeniality.


One thought on “Dedication

  1. I love this blog — and I want to hear more about road trips — more about what you miss while you’re making a great find of the thing you weren’t searching for.
    How clever, how refreshing and fun!

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